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With over 13 years in the industry, 168 Auto Sales offer our clients more than just price quotes. We provide stress-free experience by taking care of all the necessary steps on what our clients need to lease or purchase new luxury/economical cars.

Aside from purchasing a home, a car is usually the second largest purchase people make. You need to have some representation with a purchase like this. We know all the dealers' secrets and we have all of the bank rates and will not let them lead you astray! Car dealers are known to not always be straightforward about all the costs. We will take the hassle out of car shopping. We’re here to save you money and make driving your new car the ultimate experience.


With 168 Auto Sales, you will get the exact car you want at the best possible service and enjoy the most pleasurable car buying experience you have ever had!

Why spend more effort and money than necessary when buying a car? We have consistently achieved impressive results for our clients, saving them significant expenses and hassles while providing state-of-the-art customer service at every step.

168 Auto Sales exclusively represents YOU—the Buyer-to eliminate conflicts of interest and negotiate the best possible deal on your behalf. When you hire 168 Auto Sales, we look out only for your best interest with trust and integrity. We will locate the new car you want, use our leverage to get you an incredible deal and coordinate the entire process.


Whether you're looking to buy or lease a new car for you or your company, 168 Auto Sales will make sure we deliver what you want directly to your door!

168 is well-known in Los Angeles and Orange County as the broker who takes our clients' dream cars directly to their front doors. With our dealer network, we are able to not only find the best deals, complete all required paperwork on behalf of our clients, negotiate financing options, but also provide Extended Service Contract outside of dealers' program.

Why wait any longer? Send us a message today and save yourself from all the hassles!